Test-A-Credit-Card - an open-sourced data API implementation to perform pre-transactional credit card queries for fraud prevention and consumer defense

An API driven SaaS application to verify the credit card issuing bank data tokens, validate the credit and debit card numbers, and match transaction initiating GEO location to the purchaser’s billing address just before the actual transaction

Test-A-Credit-Card provides an inclusion of transaction requesting party GEO location data, number validation algorithms such as Luhn formula known as “modulus 10”, extensive credit and debit cards variables validation using the BIN (Bank Identification Number) number database.

Luhn algorithm

The credit and debit card check algorithm is a public domain property and is in wide use today. It is specified as ISO/IEC 7812-1. The function verifies a card number against its included verification digit, which usually is appended to a partial account numeric value to generate the full credit card account number. This procedure is used for pre-transaction verification state.

Issuer identification number (IIN) Verification

The first 6 or 8 numbers of a card (including the first MII digit) are known as the issuer identification numbers (IIN). These numbers identify and validate the card issuing institution that delivered the card to a card holder.

A further BIN lookup is performed to identify the issuing bank institution prior to initiation a payment transaction over the merchant network

Tokenization Fraud Protection

Prevention of fraud that concludes an artificial account number (Tokenization fraud) whether it is printed, digitally stored or transmitted in place of the true card account number. While tokenization replaces sensitive account and card information with a non-sensitive placeholder, it can be intercepted at the time of a credit card transaction if appropriate encryption measures are not taken.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: This test form is safe to use. Any payment method data tested and test history are not stored nor captured. The submitted data cannot be reviewed by any other party other then the party performing the actual test. The data is transmitted for validation over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and thus is not a subject of direct interception.


API Pre-Flight Credit Card Validation Tool

The extended pre-validation test of a credit card number is a free test that provides a card issuing bank information such as the location, company and contact information. This test utilizes a method of checking and validating a credit card number against the strict version of verification algorithms. These algorithms are designed to extensivelly check the validity of each network provider's card number and match the numeric values of each credit card to a specific network while checking an integrity of the numbers and the expiration date and the credit card security code

Credit Card Number Validation

The card numbers verified and validated using the service are matched against the algorithms tokens and the BIN database information. When the service identifies the card as valid, it implies that the combination of characters which validate the sequence when passed through the MOD 10 algorithm is an exact match. Issuing payment networks utilize their particular prefixes which are verified the time of a payment transaction using the algorithms available.

Note that the basic level test API does not check whether a valid credit card number is active or not or has a balance to fulfill the actual transactions.

Instant Credit Card Verification

In order for a credit card number to be instantly validated and verified, it has to be analyzed via the MOD 10 method and a Bank Identification Number database. These verification tools are specifically designed to prevent errors such as those occurring in typos.

Using the Major Industry Identifier (MII) and the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) (as a prefix for a credit card number) and then the rest of the card number, the sequence us verified against an eight or consequently six digit key from a BIN database .

The verification process, including the actual test charge are performed within seconds and provide virtually instant validation, bank network functionality and the balance feedback for the evaluated card payment method.

Why Instant Card Check is Useful?

The API credit card number check and verification is utilized for the following:

  • Server side remote API query to prevent payment forms abuse and merchant gateway request flooding while avoiding fraudulent transactions
  • Prevention of payment fraud via using a range of IP addresses currently involved in transaction fraud across all users of the service.
  • Product delivery warning system sends alerts to vendors that are indicative of possible fraud and minimize the product loss via buyer fraud.
  • Pre-transaction credit card verification to identify whether the customers posses a valid form of payment before the actual product or service charge is executed.