Amex Cards Testing, Validation and Bank ID Data

Validating the American Express credit card numbers and account status

american express card checker

The Amex (American Express) card data verification tool provides a function to test run the Validation API engine to check, validate and verify any Amex credit card number.

It allows to match the provided card number against a BIN sequence number to acquire the location and company data of a servicing AMEX bank. If required, it permits to check the actual account status by a small transaction charge and verify any type of accounts, including personal, business and corporate.

With the real-time merchant network connectivity, the tool provides an immediate feedback whether the identified account is invalid or in good standing and accepts the charges. The following are the credit card tests performed:

  • Fetch the servicing Amex bank division data
  • Check the location data against the customer provided data
  • Check if the Amex card number is complete and valid
  • Check if the bank’s gateway is functional
  • Check if a particular bank account is in good standing and fulfills the requested credit card transaction amounts
  • Check if the merchant network authorizes the transactions without a temporary pre-authorization which can be later changed to a declined payment state

American Express credit/debit card API pre-flight validator tool

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: This test form is safe to use. Any payment method data tested and test history are not stored nor captured. The submitted data cannot be reviewed by any other party other then the party performing the actual test. The data is transmitted for validation over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and thus is not a subject of direct interception.