Identify credit card type and company by a card number

All credit card numbers adhere to strict standards of formatting. Each digit group number is assigned a numeric representation of a data block that identifies the issuing bank, credit card network type, and cardholder account number. Using a specific order of groups and numbers, a credit card number not only represents a specific user account that is used for processing inbound and outbound transactions but also a validation digit that flags the account number as either valid or invalid if misused.

Detecting a credit card type, company, and bank institution by a valid credit card number

In order to compile a complete data set from the credit card number, the number must be first validated and then analyzed by a database-driven procedure that allows obtaining detailed credit card information about the bank institution and type of the card with other appropriate pieces of information.

The anatomy of a credit card can be represented by the following example

A) Industry Identifier (MII) — specifies the major industry of the card. The leading number of the card number identifies the industries of usage as follows
MII digit category
0 – ISO/TC 68 & other industry assignments
1 – Airlines
2 – Airlines, financial & other future industry assignments
3 – Travel & entertainment
4 – Banking & financial
5 – Banking & financial
6 – Merchandising & banking/financial
7 – Petroleum & other future industry assignments
8 – Healthcare, telecommunications & other future industry assignments
9 – For assignment by national standards bodies

B) Card Institution Identification Number (IIN) — describes the issuer of the card. The full list of Card Issuer identification numbers can be found on wikipedia. Card issuers generally do not update the ranges frequently, however, if there’s an update, it should be published as provided in the linked page above.

C.) Cardholder’s account number.

D.) Validation ID (checksum) that provides a sequence with the account number to validate the actual number.

Real-time credit card type and company ID identification tool

Using the tool below, it is possible to acquire an identification of a credit card by a card number. Only valid credit cards are processed to get the information about a cardholder’s card such as card ID, Card Brand, Card Type, Card Category, Bank Name, Bank Country, Phone Number, and Website.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: This test form is secured. The card data tested and test history are not stored nor captured. The submitted data cannot be reviewed via any other machine other than the one used for performing the test. The data is transmitted for validation over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and thus is not a subject of direct interception.


API Pre-Flight Credit Card Validation Tool

The extended pre-validation test of a credit card number is a free test that provides a card issuing bank information such as the location, company and contact information. This test utilizes a method of checking and validating a credit card number against the strict version of verification algorithms. These algorithms are designed to extensivelly check the validity of each network provider's card number and match the numeric values of each credit card to a specific network while checking an integrity of the numbers and the expiration date and the credit card security code